Monday, December 8, 2008

Hello everyone...sorry for the lack of updates

Dear everyone,

Hohoho sorry for the late updates. I know this blog was nearly dead---I found it difficult to connect to the Internet. There's no Internet access at home and the Internet service provided mostly by Internet houses here sucks. For God's sake...if it carried on like this, I wouldn't be able to live in Balikpapan anymore. LOL, of course, I am kidding.

I've been staying in Balikpapan, Indonesia, for two weeks. I grab as much time as I can, lazing around while reading books, watching movies and eating. I have eaten a lot like a pig and I rarely work out. I will certainly have gained a lot of weight by the time I come back. DANG IT.
Well, Mom cooks everyday for me. Delicious meals. And everyone started thinking that I never ate while I was in KL, because of my bloody skinny body. Bwahahahaha. Nonetheless, I've got some compliments too.

Keyh, I cannot write much today, coz Dad just called me, say he would pick me up in a while. Oh, crap...what a crap when there's no access to the Internet at home.



Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Day Gone Bad was such a good day for me. I usually hated rain, but today the rain helped me out to talk with a man on whom I have a crush. I was certainly rained by happiness today. Hahahaha....

Two days ago, I might have been sad because I was wondering how hard it is to find a guy who can take my ex-boyfriend's place. Frankly, I am lonely-hearts (hello...I am not a person who can live without love). Ok, ok, shut the hell up, Gege...

Well, this lucky man (lol) works in the gym. I have known him since a couple months ago. But, thankfully, it wasn't love-at-the-very-first-sight. I met him because I would invite my ex-roommate to join a free Body Balance class in the gym. That was why I had to see him to inform him of the intention. Hence, every time we met each other, he always smiled at me and said hi. Beforehand, I'd never talked to him, even worse I used to ignore him and was busy checking out some hot guys in the gym (hihihi). Until I realised that he was such a nice guy; he always said hi and yeah, smiled at me.

A few days ago, as usual, I went to the gym for toning up my body; hahaha I dunno why I always picture myself having rippling muscles like Madonna while I know it's bloody impossible. Ok, after having worked out for two 2 hours and having a shower, I went to a juice bar having a cup of Nescafé. Even though, they didn't provide Coffee-mate anymore, two spoons of creamer still made my coffee taste good. I was reading a newspaper and listening to music when I suddenly heard somebody say, "Excuse me, miss." I didn't realise who just called me was The Man (hahaha what a good name, The Man). He was smiling at me and I smiled back. I turned my headset off and replied, "Yeah, what's up?" He pointed to some girls who were sitting around him---they are his family---then introduced them to me. I was a bit clumsy at the time, but I was trying to control myself. OoHhh Mi Gawd what the hell is happening to me? I was nervous, but tried to look calm and cool as hard as I could. I could feel a thousand butterflies filled in my stomach (wakakakak). However, I was staying calm while talking to his mom. I was also talking to his younger sister who is pregnant right now. She is an alumna of Taylor's college. She also studied Mass Communication. Wah, what a coincidence, I think.

From the day onwards, I was always thinking about him. I tried to remove him from my mind as I wondered how if he already had a girlfriend, or even sadder he was married. I dunno why the thought suddenly popped into my head and bloody twisted my melon. A couple days later, I heard that he is really close to a girl working in the gym and they always go out together. Haihzz....I was, of course, very disappointed. I thought of stopping putting myself in this confusing circumstance, and forgetting him and what had just happened. Frankly, I am not typical of girls who can struggle for love although there is only empty hope. I am such a I-Give-Up-Easily girl---I mean in the situation like this.

However...God might probably listened to my prayer, hihihi. Today, on my way home, I saw him smoking at the entrance. It was raining heavily outside. Oh gosh, I have to wait for a couple of minutes until it stops raining, I think. I was approaching him and said, "What are you doing outside? It's raining." He turned around and smiled at me. Then he replied, "I'm smoking. Do you smoke?" Hahaha, he was having on me. Of course, I don't smoke man. Well, then we started having a conversation. I was probably nervous at the first time, but we seemed to enjoy our conversation. Hence, I know a lot about him. And you know what...he also likes music. He can play guitar. And he likes GREENDAY. Holy-crap! He is Mr. Right. OMG. OMG. I looked obviously excited when he said he liked music and he could play guitar. I was clumsy at that time, and suddenly these damn words popped out from my mouth, "I like guys who can play musical instruments, especially guitar." Omg, what the fuck did I say??? How could I be bloody stupid at that time? I wished I hadn't looked too excited at the time. But did I obviously seem to really like him? Sigh.

I couldn't stop smiling thereafter. Although the weather today sucked; you know what, my sandals spoiled because of running in the rain. Shit. Means I should spend more money to buy a new pair next month. But, it's ok...yet still today was such a good day for me. And another coincidence, he also studied Mass Communication (Broadcasting) in LimKokWing University. LOL, OooooooohHhhhh Mi Gawd.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Semester Break = Assignment Break Free

It's been nearly two weeks; no college = no assignments.

Alright, I am not going back this semester break; I'll be staying instead. Yup, working part-time as well. Hmm, I wonder this semester break would be different from last semester break when coming home was awful. I thought it would be fun 'coz I could have gone out town like Yogyakarta, visit my bestfriends who study there; but the fact was, I was on the town, lazing around while watching my favourite channel, MTV, all day long or going to shopping malls, spending a lot of money on clothes, shoes and caramel cappuccino as though I'd had mo-ney to burn man... Ooo Mi Gawd.

Well, this semester break, I will be staying in Kuala Lumpur by the time most of my friends are going back or spending a vacation by going somewhere. Me...hmmm I will be very busy working part-time in a restaurant located in Subang Parade Shopping Mall, The Manhattan Fish Market. It is supposedly going to be fun; also, I could possibly experience myself with working life. Hmmm, I know that I can only spend Dad's money and I've never felt how hard earning money is. Subsequently, I might probably have more respect for money. 'Coz to be frank, I am a spendthrift, man...hihihi.

But hmmm, one thing I didn't have in mind at all was uniform. I didn't know that part-timers are required to wear uniform too, haihz. On the first day, I have to wear a white t-shirt, a pair of black pants, and a pair of black shoes. Bloody-hell. Okay, I wouldn't mind buying black pants, but shoes? I, of course, will find it difficult to find my size (as you know my size is not very Asian, 12 man...) with cheap price. I actually have a pair of black shoes, Green Apple, but they are in Indonesia. I bloody left them yo! In fact, Mom already told me to bring them with me before going to KL, but I didn't listen to her. In contrast, I said my suitcases were already full of clothes and another shit, so there was not much space for the damn shoes. Well, yeah, now I am feeling sorry about what I said. What I need to do now is to think how to get a pair of black shoes with cheap price as I may use it for the time being. Haihzzz. OOO MI GAWD. I hate the situation right now---I haven't earned anything but will have spent an amount of money for pants and shoes. Sigh.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Day

Two days ago...

I woke up in the late morning. Initially I was thinking of cooking for lunch, but I thought it was too late to prepare a meal. Then, I decided to go to Mamak restaurant to get something to eat. It was too early for them to provide some food, so they suggested me to grab food from a serving counter. Sigh. Well, after eating, I checked the bill that a waiter just gave me - what the fuck! - could hardly believe that I had to spend more than RM 8 for the small portion and Teh Ais. Haihzzz. How can I save money if I carry on like this? This month, I've already spent so much money for food and nonessential items (lol). I couldn't control my expenditure as though money had kept flowing freely from my wallet. Shit. Shit. Shit. If my dad knew it, he would let me have it. Seriously. No lah, I'm only having on you.

Okay, it was Saturday. Even though there is no longer a body balance class on Saturdays, but I kept going to the gym on that day. Gege and the gym (yeah it's me) - that's what Mas usually says. Like usual, KTM train arrived late; I had to wait for another 15 minutes. What to expect? Their service sucks. The sky was dark at that time. It was obviously about to rain. So, there was not much hope that i wouldn't be stuck at the next station until it stopped raining. Haihz, bloody-hell. What a bad day!

While I was waiting at the KTM station until it stopped raining, I saw a guy from a distance. Hmmm, he looks OK, but then hmmm maybe not. Again, he's not my taste (lol). Ok, what's my taste? Hahaha seriously, I don't have either qualifications or type in looking for guys. Coz I also realise that I don't have qualifications which hot guys are looking for in girls, hahaha this is definitely stupid.

Ok, forget about the guy. After the rain had stopped, I rushed to the gym (I stopped by a stall that sells 'Ampang Balik' first). There was no classes I could join - I dunno why they suddenly changed the schedule. Well, I could only exercise with some exercise machines which I dunno most of the names. The only machine I know is TREADMILL. That's it. After weight training for 30 minutes, I went to changing room and had a cup of hot green tea to warm my body. Then, on my way home I stopped by Carrefour to buy some stuff. I just moved out, so I needed several new things like hooks, slippers, tupperware, margarine and tinned creamy corn soup. On my way home, I was starving coz I hadn't had my dinner yet; therefore, I stopped by a stall that sells Steam Boat to buy one skewer of crab balls. You know what...when I was about to pay, the Kakak alias the vendor said that she didn't have any small changes. Ok, so I asked some people there, but they didn't have either. Damn! Then, I asked a guy who just stopped by; well, he kindly checked his pocket whether or not he had changes for RM 10. Yeah, he was kind, but he didn't have changes either. come anyone can't change a RM 10 for ten ones? Haihzzz. Forcedly, I bought two more skewers of thinly sliced fish balls. Bloody-hell. Damn. Whoa... Even worse, the Kakak was not nice, very arrogant ( can't sell arrogantly; if you carried on like that, you could possibly make your customers run away man...seriously!). I was a bit pissed off at that time. I obviously really wanted to slap the Kakak, but sigh, I was too nice at the time. Well, I swear I will not buy Steam Boat from the stall anymore. :/

At the station, when I was about to pull out my ticket, I dropped two of my shopping plastic bags. Inside, there were the tupperware that I just bought and tinned food. It made such noise, so everyone at the station was looking at me. Of course, I found myself in an awkward situation (this might probably be because I cursed the Kakak, hehehe). Before, I was carrying a lot of plastic bags and a small plastic bag of the damn thinly sliced balls that I bought from the Steam Boat stall. Hmmm the thought suddenly popped up into my head - if only I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't need to carry all this stuff. Well, but however I had to carry all of the plastic bags and my fitness bag and my shoe bag. Haihz. Damn.

Again, I had to wait for another 15 minutes at the station. Waiting...waiting...and waiting. While I was thinking about what just happened to me that day, I was about to laugh so hard. I really want to laugh that day off. Well, it was such a long day in the midst of semester break. Hmmm, what a bad day - I was thinking. It was only one of my bad days. Tomorrow will come. I just wish tomorrow will be a better day which I can find a little piece of happiness again.

Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

(Excerpted from Bad Day - Daniel Powter)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Yesterday, I was celebrating my birthday with Mas, Liling and Joash in Secret Recipe. We ordered three different kinds of cakes: Mango Delight, Chocolate Indulgence, and Classic Cheese. Meanwhile, Jojo alias Joash ordered "lamb" thingy, but the waiter forgot to bring the food to him. Lol, poor boy...Subsequently, he only drank a glass of milk (while the others were making fun of "weight gain" which is supposedly pronounced 'wayt gayn' not 'wait gayn', wakakakakak gege gege...). Also, Mas got a tiny problem with her "oreo" thingy (sort of beverage); bits of oreo stuck to her teeth (lol). Thereafter, we took pictures while we were busy posing. Just have a look at these pictures. Some poses look cute and silly (hahahaha)...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Extraordinary Birthday Cakes

This mish mash of birthday cakes will retain your birthday memories and make them as special as these cakes are. So, just suppose it was your birthday...what kind of cake would you prefer? And please keep in mind. I shall inspire you.

"All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much."

-George Harrison-

Topsy Turvy Happy Birthday Cake
3-tier Topsy Turvy white cake with Oreo’s and cream filling, covered in fondant, and decorated with a sugar paste bow and stars.

Black & Orange Topsy Turvy Cake
Black and orange fondant with diamonds and black polka dots dominate this Halloween themed topsy turvy cake. Inside the cake is vanilla cake with oreo and cream filling.

Whimsical Topsy Turvy Cake
Orange and pink were the dominating colors for this colorful 3-tier whimsical topsy turvy cake. The cake was filled with oreos & cream and had alternating tiers of chocolate and vanilla cake. At the top of the cake rested two flip-flops decorated with a white daisy.

Lemon & Raspberry Birthday Cake
Lemon flavored cake layers filled with lemon buttercream and raspberry jam.

Chocolate Birthday Cake
A layered chocolate cake with a raspberry filling and a ganache frosting.

Oscar Sweet 16 Cake
The top of the cake features a “Sammy Statue” made out of rice crispy treats and covered in sugarpaste. Inside the 3 tier cake is chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter filling.

Chocolate Mud Cake
Decadent, rich and moist chocolate cake, centred with chocolate truffle and glazed with chocolate ganache. One for the chocoholics!

Layers of crisp, nutty meringue, filled with alternate layers of fresh vanilla and chocolate cream and lapped with luxurious hand curled chocolate.

Black Forest
Elegant cake consisting of three layers of chocolate sponge completed with whipped cream and sour cherries.

Apricot Delight
Layers of crisp hazelnut and almond meringue filled with fresh cream and apricot puree, then topped with fresh cream and white chocolate curls.

White Avalanche
Just like the chocolate avalanche except with fresh whipped cream and hand curled white chocolate.

Strawberry Cheese Cake
A blend of cold set cream cheese and yoghurt, scattered with fruit and trimmed with a strawberry gelatine.

Baked Mocca Cheese Cake
Biscuit case topped with fresh cream cheese, swirled with mocca topped with a layer of chocolate ganache.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"High School Musical 4" Is Forthcoming

Movie Info
Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and the rest of the "High School Musical" gang will be back on the screen. This time, they are in the last year of high school; but however it is not going to be the farewell to the East High Wildcats, said The Hollywood Reporter.

Disney Channel Worldwide President Rich Ross said they were writing "High School Musical 4".

Stars Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman have also been preparing for "High School Musical 3: Senior Year". Nonetheless, in January, Efron confirmed to MTV News that he would not continue starring in "HSM3" as he thought it might be a good way to start with a bang.

Yet still, some new cast members might probably be introduced in "HSM3", including Matt Prokop, Justin Martin and Jemma McKenzie-Brown. So, just let's hope "HSM3" would be a hit like its sequels, hence the arrival of "High School Musical 4".

Thursday, March 27, 2008

C'est de cette manière que nous luttons contre le sida --- This is how we fight against AIDS

Fight Aids - Gold From Our Lives lyrics
Artist: Fight Aids lyrics
Album: Other Song Lyrics
Title: L'or De Nos Vies (Gold From Our Lives)

C'est nous contre leurs peines (It's us against their sentences)
Et le message est clair (And the message is clear)
Les mots passent (The words pass)

Et l'indifférence règne (And indifference reign)
Si le mal me gagne (If evil wins me)
Coupable seul de n'avoir rien su faire (Guilty only not having been able to)

Si l'on comprend (If we understand)
Que leurs mains (Whether their hands)
Sont à notre portées (Have we brought)

Si l'on conçoit encore ce rêve (If one conceives that dream yet)

Toucher leurs larmes (Touching their tears)
Du bout des lèvres (From lip)
Sécher leurs âmes (Dry their souls)
Cent fois sans gêne (One hundred times without embarrassment)

Leur vie c'est de l'or (Their life is gold)
De l'or terni (From tarnished gold)
Rendons leur alors (Let them then)
L'or de nos vies (The gold of our lives)

Yeah yeah yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Nos pierres à l'édifice (Our stones at the building)
Pour ne pas flèchir (In order not flèchir)
Aujourd'hui (Today)
Le gêne et la peur m'attristent (The embarrassment and fear m'attristent)

Je veux de larges sourires (I want broad smiles)
Montrez-moi (Show me)
Prouvez-moi que ça existe (Prove me that it exists)

Si l'on comprend (If we understand)
Que leurs mains (Whether their hands)
Sont à notre portée (Are within our reach)
Si l'on conçoit encore ce rêve (If one conceives that dream yet)

Leur vie c'est de l'or (Their life is gold)
De l'or terni (From tarnished gold)
Rendons leur alors (Let them then)
L'or de nos vies (*2) The gold of our lives (* 2)

Et le message est clair (And the message is clear)
Les mots passent (The words pass)

Et l'indifférence règne (And indifference reign)
Si le mal me gagne (If evil wins me)
Coupable seul de n'avoir rien su faire (Guilty only not having been able to)

Si l'on comprend (If we understand)
Que leurs mains (Whether their hands)
Sont à notre portée (Are within our reach)

Si l'on conçoit ce rêve (If one sees this dream)
Rendons leur alors l'or de nos vies (Let them be the gold of our lives)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Am I Turning Into A Diet-Freak Now?

Ok, what's wrong now???

This is what I should be concerned about. MY DIET PROGRAM. I don't have any idea if it is healthy or not. I've started this bad long-standing practice since I went back to my country, Indonesia. And now I find it difficult to kick the habit. Gosh, how can I be such a diet-freak now? Actually, I've already joined a fitness club and I go to the gym three times a week, expecting that I would eat more afterwards. But is becoming worse now. I always worry about intake of food and the number of calories contained in food I am going to eat. Gee-whiz...even sadder though, that was I lost my weight, just over 5 kg. And my dad dislikes me becoming skinnier now. For God's sake, please eat more Geeta. Please picture yourself having a straight-pin look like Nicole Richie. Gosh, she has been doing an extremely bad diet program.

Kick the habit (diet-freak), instead of being a fitness-freak. Also, eat more!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Prosecutor arrested red-handed for bribe---when will it stop?

All the Indonesian people do not have any idea why those people have done "monkey business" on behalf of themselves. TheJakartaPost reported that "the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)caught a prosecutor red-handed Sunday as US$600.000 was being exchanged with a woman identified as AS" and "the exchange has been alleged as a payment for a bribe".

Our question still stays the same---> WHEN WILL THOSE PEOPLE PUT AN END TO 'THE STUFF' QUICKLY? We can't stand to buy all of their lies. We do not need words; we need actions instead. We do hope this country will embark on a drastic change for the better future. But it seems unlikely to occur if people in the government still carry on dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain.