Sunday, September 18, 2011

Better Off Without You, Honey...

by Geeta Ariani

You stole my heart, ripped it out
Then smashed it on the floor
I'd rather leave it broken
Than hurt myself to fix it
Loving you isn't hard to regret
'Cause I can't forget
The times you put tears in my eyes

You never realized how much I cared about you
'Til I don't care about you anymore
Now you wanna come back to me
But nothing you can do to make me feel all right
'Cause I am stronger
I won't fall into your trap anymore

I used to believe your lies
But I learn to trust no one but myself
Don't tell me you're sorry
Too late to get back what's already lost
Maybe I was afraid that you'd leave
But now I'm better off without you, Honey...