Monday, January 26, 2009

I've been tagged

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Well, this is the 4th picture in the 4th folder of my gallery that reminds me of my school days. As can be seen, it is the picture of the time of my 16th birthday (unless I’m mistaken). I took it with my clique, called Girls By The Way, several of my younger cousins and my friend while we were celebrating my birthday in Pizza Hut. I used to treat my close friends to lunch there every time I celebrated my birthday. It was also a place where we started a clique. I miss those moments greatly. Now, everything is no longer the same.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

C'est Moi!


On pourrait se présenter, moi c’est Geeta. Je suis indonésienne, je viens de Balikpapan, j’habite en Indonésie. Néanmoins je suis arrivée à Kuala Lumpur il y a un an. Je suis arrivée en Malaisie pour étudier. Je fais des études de communication au collège. Je suis née le 22 avril 1989. J’ai 19 ans.

Je n’ai pas de frères ou de sœurs ; je suis une enfant unique. Mon papa s’appelle Harris. Il travaille pour une entreprise de pétrole. Ma maman s’appelle Sumarni. Elle est une femme au foyer.

Je mesure 1,71 m – je suis grande. Je pèse 56 kilos – je suis maigre. J’ai les cheveux noirs ; j’ai les cheveux ondulés. J’ai les yeux marron foncé. Je porte des lunettes.

J’aime lire et écouter la musique. J’adore la musique pop et le punk rock. Moi, je préfère Avril Lavigne – elle est belle. J’adore les films. Je vais souvent au cinéma avec mes amies. J’aime regarder Friends aussi.

Je fais du sport – j’aime nager à la piscine et jouer au badminton. Je sais faire du pilates aussi – je vais souvent à la gym. Je parle indonésien. Je parle très bien anglais. Et j’ai fait de français pendant 4 ans, mais je ne parle toujours pas couramment le français parce que c’est plus difficile qu’anglais.

Quelles choses préfère-je ? Je préfère la cuisine italienne. J’aime les croissants et les fruits de mer. J’adore le café au lait et le chocolat. Pour petit-déjeuner, je prends toujours du café au lait et du pain grillé avant d’aller au collège. J’aime le vin rouge aussi – mais je bois un tout petit peu de vin. J’aime faire des photos. J’aime la mode – j’adore les robes.

Quelles choses déteste-je ? Je n’aime pas du tout les cigarettes. Je n’aime pas les animaux. Je déteste le lait.

Pour conclure, je suis sympa. Je suis travailleuse. Et j’adore ma vie bien que j’ai eue le cœur brisé il y a un an à cause de la rupture (MERDE !)

New Year's Eve

In the last evening of the year 2008, people at home planned to celebrate the dawn of the year 2009 by making a barbecue in front of garage. Only a few people were invited because we planned to make such a very small barbecue where they could eat food and go home (giggling). Several of the people who stay in my rental house came to join us. My uncle together with his wife and only daughter also came to help us prepare some food. We (girls) filled kitchen with our noise while we were busy marinating meat before cooking it on a grill. Mom and my young aunt were busy marinating pieces of chicken and fish and making chilli sauce, also known as sambal, while the other girls and I were piercing meat balls, pieces of beef sausages and a red pepper and a green pepper with wooden skewers. Sounded delicious, huh?

Dad and my cousin were busy burning charcoals – trying to light the grill. Thankfully, the rain didn’t mess up our plans for the barbecue that time. I still remember grilling meat outdoors with Mom, my young aunt and my cousins in my old house on a new year’s eve. It was cloudy and cold. We knew it was going to rain. Still, we kept trying to light the grill. The charcoals were damp, so it took so much time until the grill was ready to use. All of a sudden, it was raining heavily while we were still grilling the meat. Forcedly, we had to bring them into the house. We’d had no idea what to do with the half-cooked meat before we decided to join in grilling it with our neighbours who were also having a barbecue. Bloody-hell! It was pretty funny though. The rain did really mess up the barbecue.

My uncle, my cousins and I then lighted small fireworks, which my uncle had bought, after all of us had finished eating. I took several of the photos. It was very enjoyable to be among the people and relatives. I had a real laugh with them. At around 10 o’clock, we tidied the place up after two of the girls left – it was left in a terrible mess after the barbecue. Thereafter, we were sitting at terrace, waiting for the soon-coming year while Dad and my uncle were enjoying their beers. Unlike last year, there were only a few people coming to join us this year because other family members were celebrating in their own places. However, we seemed to enjoy ourselves.

One more thing – well, I haven’t made any New Year’s resolution yet, but I wish I would find someone who knows what these three words ‘I Love You’ mean, and he really means it. I know the year 2007 is the most unforgettable year for me – a time when I eventually met my first boyfriend. At first, I never thought it would be a fling. Last year, I struggled to get over my hurt feelings after I’d known he had been dating someone in his country by the time he became my boyfriend. It was painful, you know. It was easy for him to move on – not for me. Now, I am moving on, trying to bring focus to my study. My academic grades have slightly descended since two semesters ago and it was such a disaster for my parents – especially for me. Sigh. Well, I think I will concentrate on my study a lot more than other things. If I didn’t find anyone yet this year, I would keep waiting until I find the one. Go, Gege! Go, Gege!

BBQ indulgence of meat lovers!

Fireworks sparks to the year 2009.

Fireworks of the New Year.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My little office - where I've spent a lot of time at home.

On n’est nulle part si bien que chez soi
, when translated in English, means “Home sweet home, there’s no place like home.”

I have been staying at home in Balikpapan, in Indonesia, for over than a month. To be frank, I thought coming home would probably be as awful as last year when the moment of the break with my ex-boyfriend hit me so hard that I couldn’t enjoy my four-month semester break instead of going through hell and crying over my failed very-short-term relationship. Dang it!

Nonetheless, it is great to see Mom and Dad and my family again. This is a happy home – full of love. When I arrived back one month ago, I saw everything in here look the same as always. Only a few changes were made when I was not here. Well, not only did my cousin whom I consider as my own brother leave nearly four months ago, but the person who used to take good care of our house also left – he is currently responsible for another house where we rent rooms. The change – I felt a bit lonely after they’d gone.

Since I arrived, I have done only a little stuff. Actually I’d desperately wanted to get home by the time I came back from Kuala Lumpur. I’d already stuffed my mind with a lot of ideas. But it’s just stuff – if you know what I mean (grinning). I’ve been busy learning French recently to improve my language proficiency. As you know, I’ve enjoyed mastering languages, from English and my native Bahasa Indonesia to French since I was in school – which may become handy when I have job. Yet, I have to fight against my own laziness. Seriously! I bend over backwards trying to assure myself that I can’t rest on my laurels. Pas de problème, je vais me débrouiller – no problem, I’ll manage it.

Another leisure activity I’ve been doing since I came back is reading novels. I had bought the first novel of the Twilight saga, Twilight, before I went back to Indonesia. I couldn’t grab time to read the novel when I was still in Malaysia, so I decided to read it as soon as I got home. I finished reading the book a couple of days ago – I settled down for a long read (giggling). It’s about a pair of star-crossed lovers whose forbidden relationship changes Bella Swan’s life like hell after dating Edward Cullen who is secretly a vampire. According to the author, Stephanie Meyer, it’s a love story with bite. H’m, so mysterious, huh? And I can’t wait to read the other series, including New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. A lot of people think that Twilight could possibly surpass the success of Harry Potter as an earlier phenomenal saga. I’m sure that most of you have already known that Twilight becomes a motion picture now. I haven’t watched it though, but I will. It’s a must-watch movie because Robert Pattinson, the young British actor who starred as Cedric in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, plays Edward in Twilight. Don’t you think it’s cool?! Every girl loves Cedric. And I’m quite sure that every girl (like me) can’t wait to watch Twilight just because of Edward’s charms. Hehehe, you bet!

Well, not only does reading novels interest me while I enjoy my three-month semester break, but watching Friends on Star World also becomes my day-to-day leisure activity. Nevertheless, compared with last-year semester break, I don’t seem to be a couch potato this year. It seems rare for me to spend much time watching idiot box – if you know what I mean. But I can wait for the serial until it starts at 8 o’clock from Monday to Friday (grinning).

I’ve gotta enjoy this semester break before classes start - that it means absolute hell for me. Sigh. Life can be a bore if you spend the whole semester get all assignments finished on time while bloody worrying about the whens and hows of the things. I felt like I was in a rut when I had to stay up the whole night doing all of the assignments. Even worse, lack of sleep made it hard for me to concentrate. It sure felt like hell, you know. Sigh.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Bangkok Fire on New Year's Eve

A fire at one of Bangkok's top nightclubs, the Santika nightclub, broke out last night and killed 58 people celebrating the New Year (Reuters, 2008).

Firefighters rescue people from the gruesome fire accident in Bangkok.

Other 100 people were injured, including local people and foreigners. It was believed that the fire was caused by fireworks used as part of a performance. In contrast, the fireworks produced sparks that caused a large destructive fire.

It seemed that the end of 2008 left Thai people and the victims in tears. Wish this accident would never happen again.