Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Day Gone Bad was such a good day for me. I usually hated rain, but today the rain helped me out to talk with a man on whom I have a crush. I was certainly rained by happiness today. Hahahaha....

Two days ago, I might have been sad because I was wondering how hard it is to find a guy who can take my ex-boyfriend's place. Frankly, I am lonely-hearts (hello...I am not a person who can live without love). Ok, ok, shut the hell up, Gege...

Well, this lucky man (lol) works in the gym. I have known him since a couple months ago. But, thankfully, it wasn't love-at-the-very-first-sight. I met him because I would invite my ex-roommate to join a free Body Balance class in the gym. That was why I had to see him to inform him of the intention. Hence, every time we met each other, he always smiled at me and said hi. Beforehand, I'd never talked to him, even worse I used to ignore him and was busy checking out some hot guys in the gym (hihihi). Until I realised that he was such a nice guy; he always said hi and yeah, smiled at me.

A few days ago, as usual, I went to the gym for toning up my body; hahaha I dunno why I always picture myself having rippling muscles like Madonna while I know it's bloody impossible. Ok, after having worked out for two 2 hours and having a shower, I went to a juice bar having a cup of Nescafé. Even though, they didn't provide Coffee-mate anymore, two spoons of creamer still made my coffee taste good. I was reading a newspaper and listening to music when I suddenly heard somebody say, "Excuse me, miss." I didn't realise who just called me was The Man (hahaha what a good name, The Man). He was smiling at me and I smiled back. I turned my headset off and replied, "Yeah, what's up?" He pointed to some girls who were sitting around him---they are his family---then introduced them to me. I was a bit clumsy at the time, but I was trying to control myself. OoHhh Mi Gawd what the hell is happening to me? I was nervous, but tried to look calm and cool as hard as I could. I could feel a thousand butterflies filled in my stomach (wakakakak). However, I was staying calm while talking to his mom. I was also talking to his younger sister who is pregnant right now. She is an alumna of Taylor's college. She also studied Mass Communication. Wah, what a coincidence, I think.

From the day onwards, I was always thinking about him. I tried to remove him from my mind as I wondered how if he already had a girlfriend, or even sadder he was married. I dunno why the thought suddenly popped into my head and bloody twisted my melon. A couple days later, I heard that he is really close to a girl working in the gym and they always go out together. Haihzz....I was, of course, very disappointed. I thought of stopping putting myself in this confusing circumstance, and forgetting him and what had just happened. Frankly, I am not typical of girls who can struggle for love although there is only empty hope. I am such a I-Give-Up-Easily girl---I mean in the situation like this.

However...God might probably listened to my prayer, hihihi. Today, on my way home, I saw him smoking at the entrance. It was raining heavily outside. Oh gosh, I have to wait for a couple of minutes until it stops raining, I think. I was approaching him and said, "What are you doing outside? It's raining." He turned around and smiled at me. Then he replied, "I'm smoking. Do you smoke?" Hahaha, he was having on me. Of course, I don't smoke man. Well, then we started having a conversation. I was probably nervous at the first time, but we seemed to enjoy our conversation. Hence, I know a lot about him. And you know what...he also likes music. He can play guitar. And he likes GREENDAY. Holy-crap! He is Mr. Right. OMG. OMG. I looked obviously excited when he said he liked music and he could play guitar. I was clumsy at that time, and suddenly these damn words popped out from my mouth, "I like guys who can play musical instruments, especially guitar." Omg, what the fuck did I say??? How could I be bloody stupid at that time? I wished I hadn't looked too excited at the time. But did I obviously seem to really like him? Sigh.

I couldn't stop smiling thereafter. Although the weather today sucked; you know what, my sandals spoiled because of running in the rain. Shit. Means I should spend more money to buy a new pair next month. But, it's ok...yet still today was such a good day for me. And another coincidence, he also studied Mass Communication (Broadcasting) in LimKokWing University. LOL, OooooooohHhhhh Mi Gawd.