Friday, June 27, 2008

Semester Break = Assignment Break Free

It's been nearly two weeks; no college = no assignments.

Alright, I am not going back this semester break; I'll be staying instead. Yup, working part-time as well. Hmm, I wonder this semester break would be different from last semester break when coming home was awful. I thought it would be fun 'coz I could have gone out town like Yogyakarta, visit my bestfriends who study there; but the fact was, I was on the town, lazing around while watching my favourite channel, MTV, all day long or going to shopping malls, spending a lot of money on clothes, shoes and caramel cappuccino as though I'd had mo-ney to burn man... Ooo Mi Gawd.

Well, this semester break, I will be staying in Kuala Lumpur by the time most of my friends are going back or spending a vacation by going somewhere. Me...hmmm I will be very busy working part-time in a restaurant located in Subang Parade Shopping Mall, The Manhattan Fish Market. It is supposedly going to be fun; also, I could possibly experience myself with working life. Hmmm, I know that I can only spend Dad's money and I've never felt how hard earning money is. Subsequently, I might probably have more respect for money. 'Coz to be frank, I am a spendthrift, man...hihihi.

But hmmm, one thing I didn't have in mind at all was uniform. I didn't know that part-timers are required to wear uniform too, haihz. On the first day, I have to wear a white t-shirt, a pair of black pants, and a pair of black shoes. Bloody-hell. Okay, I wouldn't mind buying black pants, but shoes? I, of course, will find it difficult to find my size (as you know my size is not very Asian, 12 man...) with cheap price. I actually have a pair of black shoes, Green Apple, but they are in Indonesia. I bloody left them yo! In fact, Mom already told me to bring them with me before going to KL, but I didn't listen to her. In contrast, I said my suitcases were already full of clothes and another shit, so there was not much space for the damn shoes. Well, yeah, now I am feeling sorry about what I said. What I need to do now is to think how to get a pair of black shoes with cheap price as I may use it for the time being. Haihzzz. OOO MI GAWD. I hate the situation right now---I haven't earned anything but will have spent an amount of money for pants and shoes. Sigh.

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