Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Pain of Love

It pains me to fall in love with you
Yet I can't get enough
Every time I try to get over you
You always seem to give me a glimmer of hope

This heart always sinks
When I see it's too impossible to love you

You keep shutting your eyes
Never aware of how much I love you
So simple, so true, so painful

Your eyes somehow speak to me
And whisper something I've longed to hear
Yet I can't stop the voice inside my head,
Telling me of your love for somebody else

Each night I go through hurt feelings
I have to say I wish you could tell me
How I can get over them and move on
Yeah, I guess I am so weak
That I am dying every time I think about you

There is something you need to know
I've been hiding this feeling for long time
Don't want to let you in on the secret
Because I'm too scared of losing you
And it would really hurt if you walked away

There's only one happiness in life,
To love and be loved
But I won't have a piece of it from you
And this love is like a song
That you will never sing along

Written by Geeta