Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Day

Two days ago...

I woke up in the late morning. Initially I was thinking of cooking for lunch, but I thought it was too late to prepare a meal. Then, I decided to go to Mamak restaurant to get something to eat. It was too early for them to provide some food, so they suggested me to grab food from a serving counter. Sigh. Well, after eating, I checked the bill that a waiter just gave me - what the fuck! - could hardly believe that I had to spend more than RM 8 for the small portion and Teh Ais. Haihzzz. How can I save money if I carry on like this? This month, I've already spent so much money for food and nonessential items (lol). I couldn't control my expenditure as though money had kept flowing freely from my wallet. Shit. Shit. Shit. If my dad knew it, he would let me have it. Seriously. No lah, I'm only having on you.

Okay, it was Saturday. Even though there is no longer a body balance class on Saturdays, but I kept going to the gym on that day. Gege and the gym (yeah it's me) - that's what Mas usually says. Like usual, KTM train arrived late; I had to wait for another 15 minutes. What to expect? Their service sucks. The sky was dark at that time. It was obviously about to rain. So, there was not much hope that i wouldn't be stuck at the next station until it stopped raining. Haihz, bloody-hell. What a bad day!

While I was waiting at the KTM station until it stopped raining, I saw a guy from a distance. Hmmm, he looks OK, but then hmmm maybe not. Again, he's not my taste (lol). Ok, what's my taste? Hahaha seriously, I don't have either qualifications or type in looking for guys. Coz I also realise that I don't have qualifications which hot guys are looking for in girls, hahaha this is definitely stupid.

Ok, forget about the guy. After the rain had stopped, I rushed to the gym (I stopped by a stall that sells 'Ampang Balik' first). There was no classes I could join - I dunno why they suddenly changed the schedule. Well, I could only exercise with some exercise machines which I dunno most of the names. The only machine I know is TREADMILL. That's it. After weight training for 30 minutes, I went to changing room and had a cup of hot green tea to warm my body. Then, on my way home I stopped by Carrefour to buy some stuff. I just moved out, so I needed several new things like hooks, slippers, tupperware, margarine and tinned creamy corn soup. On my way home, I was starving coz I hadn't had my dinner yet; therefore, I stopped by a stall that sells Steam Boat to buy one skewer of crab balls. You know what...when I was about to pay, the Kakak alias the vendor said that she didn't have any small changes. Ok, so I asked some people there, but they didn't have either. Damn! Then, I asked a guy who just stopped by; well, he kindly checked his pocket whether or not he had changes for RM 10. Yeah, he was kind, but he didn't have changes either. come anyone can't change a RM 10 for ten ones? Haihzzz. Forcedly, I bought two more skewers of thinly sliced fish balls. Bloody-hell. Damn. Whoa... Even worse, the Kakak was not nice, very arrogant ( can't sell arrogantly; if you carried on like that, you could possibly make your customers run away man...seriously!). I was a bit pissed off at that time. I obviously really wanted to slap the Kakak, but sigh, I was too nice at the time. Well, I swear I will not buy Steam Boat from the stall anymore. :/

At the station, when I was about to pull out my ticket, I dropped two of my shopping plastic bags. Inside, there were the tupperware that I just bought and tinned food. It made such noise, so everyone at the station was looking at me. Of course, I found myself in an awkward situation (this might probably be because I cursed the Kakak, hehehe). Before, I was carrying a lot of plastic bags and a small plastic bag of the damn thinly sliced balls that I bought from the Steam Boat stall. Hmmm the thought suddenly popped up into my head - if only I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't need to carry all this stuff. Well, but however I had to carry all of the plastic bags and my fitness bag and my shoe bag. Haihz. Damn.

Again, I had to wait for another 15 minutes at the station. Waiting...waiting...and waiting. While I was thinking about what just happened to me that day, I was about to laugh so hard. I really want to laugh that day off. Well, it was such a long day in the midst of semester break. Hmmm, what a bad day - I was thinking. It was only one of my bad days. Tomorrow will come. I just wish tomorrow will be a better day which I can find a little piece of happiness again.

Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

(Excerpted from Bad Day - Daniel Powter)