Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What have I been up to?

So...this is what I was doing shortly after I finished all of my assignments. FREEDOM!!! Yeah, you know I couldn't wait to finish all that stuff that's been torturing my life - thanks once again to my college. I even forgot what I was writing in my final essay for International Media Communications; what I can remember is I wrote about swine flu. was all crappy. Lolz.

At least I really had a great time with my friends in Kuala Lumpur. I played pool with my pool fellow, Mas (lolz), I went to see my friend's performance of play in KL Performing Arts Centre - the title was 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead'. Super, Dinesh! Firstly, I didn't expect the drama to be comic - I thought it would be a typical serious theatrical performance like Shakespeareana with all those literature and language I'm not familiar with, but thankfully it wasn't.

The following day, Rubee, Rohini, Mas and I went outing in Suria KLCC. I snapped some pics of KL Twin Towers and grabbed some time to find good angles. I could see how obviously bored Mas & Ro were while waiting for me taking the pics of the twin towers. Hahaha, but I shut my eyes and continued experimenting with my gadget (once again, so sorry Ro and Mas...lolz).

Yeah, we were busy doing our own stuff. You can see from the pic I was busy taking pics, Mas was checking some vids in her video camera and Ro enjoyed a nice view of the public park behind KL Twin Towers. And Rubee, she was taking this pic.

I snapped this pic just for kicks, but I then realised that both the angle and colour were nice. I'm certainly gonna miss this moment, the days we'd spent together on and off campus before Rubee and Mas left for Adelaide.

Speaking of Rubee and Mas, they are going to leave tomorrow btw. I will very likely meet them again, as I will spend my next sem break in Indonesia and next year, shortly after I finish my studies, I will go back to my country and will likely come to Malaysia again. That's why it hit me so hard when saying farewell to them. They've been such good friends and I unexpectedly had to say good-byes. The days and moments of hanging out together, bugging one another while doing assignments, bitch-ing, spending the nights in poolroom with Mas, having late dinner at Mentari, complaining about assignments, playing cards and laughing will be missed. However, friends always come and go. A farewell is certainly necessary before you can meet them again, rite? : )

Oh yeah, I was finding a holiday job too during the semester break. And I've eventually made it through the hurdle of getting it (lolz, kidding). I'd applied for a part time job in Hospitality & Tourism office before I was recommended for a post in International Office on campus by my ex-roomie. I know...luckily me.

Well, as I am currently busy working, I also grab some time to do my leisure interests including reading and doing Body Balance at home. I'm currently reading Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen to satisfy my curiosity about Twilight. It's said that the story is nearly the same. Hmmm...let me finish reading the book first before my comment.