Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is public display of affection (PDA) OK?

I was eating pizza in a fast-food restaurant with a friend. I looked around, and then shot my eyes to a couple standing beside a mall’s guide map near us. The girlfriend wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck, and the boyfriend started to kiss her. It wasn’t a quick kiss, but a prolonged one with.....tongue. I knew it was rude to eye them, but what would you expect me to react? It was no longer private when done in a public place, right?

It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen such a display in public areas. Every time I see public displays of affection (PDA), I feel like telling the couple, ‘Get a room, please.’ I am sure this is something uncomfortable for most everyone. It is also something inappropriate in front of children.

I don’t want to sound so old-fashioned or na├»ve and act as if I was an old mama. But can you imagine, a couple near you getting hot and heavy while you were so focused, trying to pocket the black ball on a pool table? OK, fine. It is a poolroom, but may still be something uncomfortable for the average guests.

In Europe, Canada and the United States it is normal to see people holding hands, kissing (french kissing) and caressing each other. In places such as bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs, acts such as grinding (dance erotically) and french kissing are common. I don’t find the public display of affection inappropriate in those places. It can still be tolerated. What meant here is PDA can be such an unacceptable behaviour in public places such as restaurants, malls, offices, schools, campuses – and particularly places where children are around.

In our lax society, privacy today may be unnecessary, where the practice of making out in a bedroom is dead, replaced by the practice of treating a packed mall like their bedroom. Is it very important to show other people that they are unconditionally in love? Let’s not get silly about this. Holding hands is OK. But kissing (french kissing) in public is a big no-no. You will do the right thing if someday you ask a security guard to handle such a situation (LOL).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best Things of Being 'Alone'

I like to go out alone sometimes, shopping around or just window-shopping in a mall. The best thing of shopping alone is no one will complain to me if I spend hours looking around for the best deal. The worst thing – no one reminds me to control myself when I enter stores and can’t stop buying things, since I’m such a big spender (I seriously need to kick this bad habit).

I also eat out alone sometimes. Some people tell me they feel uncomfortable when eating alone at restaurants. They always feel that other people are staring at them or it just feels weird to eat alone in public without any companion or anyone to talk with. But me? I don’t mind. I usually bring something to read or listen to a music player in my cell phone to avoid feeling that people are giving me a weird look. I just don’t give a damn.

What you need to have is just confidence. You will find yourself in an awkward situation if you always feel worried about what other people around you think – whether they are staring at you or not. It just makes you look weird. I always think that we were born alone, we die alone. At the end of the day, it’s up to us to do something alone.

People need to be alone to find themselves – who they really are. Or people need to be alone because they need their own personal space. So, will you dare yourself to wander alone in the wilderness of a big city? Because there’s nothing wrong with being alone sometimes.