Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walking Down A Dark Road

by Geeta Ariani

Life is like a dark road

I’ll never know what’s up ahead

But up ‘til now, I’m still walking down

this long foggy road, in the long night,

trying to find my own way

But what if it is so rocky

that I may stumble?

Lots of roadblocks at every turn,

the resilience should be found to get past them

But my faith starts shaking,

all my strength starts fading

Made a wrong turn many times,

and I can’t go back

Gotta face my mistakes and get going

The long night may give me way to a new day

but it’s not easy to start again

This emptiness still eats me from within

My past comes back to haunt me

So much love goes to waste, in meaningless caresses

And sometimes tears come streaming down my face

But I keep my head held high,

when things get me down

Life can be a bitch, but look

I still keep walking

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