Sunday, October 14, 2012

So Long My Love

by Geeta Ariani, dedicated to "Somebody"

As you wipe the tears falling down my face
I look up into your eyes and I see unconditional love
Can hardly think one day,
there would be no you beside me

My heart feels such pain
What can I do to ease this pain?
The thought of leaving you kills me
I have no choice but to break our hearts

If I walk away someday,
I hope you know I’ll always stay in your heart
Every time you feel lonely, just close your eyes, baby…
Like a candle in the dark
You’ll see my smile lighting up your heart

Please, don’t blame yourself
It has nothing to do with you
Sometimes life doesn’t go our way
Only destiny will tell if we are meant to be together

So long, my love
You may hold my hand for a while
But you hold my heart forever