Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year's Eve

In the last evening of the year 2008, people at home planned to celebrate the dawn of the year 2009 by making a barbecue in front of garage. Only a few people were invited because we planned to make such a very small barbecue where they could eat food and go home (giggling). Several of the people who stay in my rental house came to join us. My uncle together with his wife and only daughter also came to help us prepare some food. We (girls) filled kitchen with our noise while we were busy marinating meat before cooking it on a grill. Mom and my young aunt were busy marinating pieces of chicken and fish and making chilli sauce, also known as sambal, while the other girls and I were piercing meat balls, pieces of beef sausages and a red pepper and a green pepper with wooden skewers. Sounded delicious, huh?

Dad and my cousin were busy burning charcoals – trying to light the grill. Thankfully, the rain didn’t mess up our plans for the barbecue that time. I still remember grilling meat outdoors with Mom, my young aunt and my cousins in my old house on a new year’s eve. It was cloudy and cold. We knew it was going to rain. Still, we kept trying to light the grill. The charcoals were damp, so it took so much time until the grill was ready to use. All of a sudden, it was raining heavily while we were still grilling the meat. Forcedly, we had to bring them into the house. We’d had no idea what to do with the half-cooked meat before we decided to join in grilling it with our neighbours who were also having a barbecue. Bloody-hell! It was pretty funny though. The rain did really mess up the barbecue.

My uncle, my cousins and I then lighted small fireworks, which my uncle had bought, after all of us had finished eating. I took several of the photos. It was very enjoyable to be among the people and relatives. I had a real laugh with them. At around 10 o’clock, we tidied the place up after two of the girls left – it was left in a terrible mess after the barbecue. Thereafter, we were sitting at terrace, waiting for the soon-coming year while Dad and my uncle were enjoying their beers. Unlike last year, there were only a few people coming to join us this year because other family members were celebrating in their own places. However, we seemed to enjoy ourselves.

One more thing – well, I haven’t made any New Year’s resolution yet, but I wish I would find someone who knows what these three words ‘I Love You’ mean, and he really means it. I know the year 2007 is the most unforgettable year for me – a time when I eventually met my first boyfriend. At first, I never thought it would be a fling. Last year, I struggled to get over my hurt feelings after I’d known he had been dating someone in his country by the time he became my boyfriend. It was painful, you know. It was easy for him to move on – not for me. Now, I am moving on, trying to bring focus to my study. My academic grades have slightly descended since two semesters ago and it was such a disaster for my parents – especially for me. Sigh. Well, I think I will concentrate on my study a lot more than other things. If I didn’t find anyone yet this year, I would keep waiting until I find the one. Go, Gege! Go, Gege!

BBQ indulgence of meat lovers!

Fireworks sparks to the year 2009.

Fireworks of the New Year.

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