Friday, September 18, 2009

Splendid Breaking of Fast in Ramadan '09

It was the 2nd week of the fasting month, Ramadan 2009 - a time when Li Ling, Nahda (a friend from Dubai) and I were heading toward Sunway Pyramid mall to break fast together. Actually, we'd planned to eat at Secret Recipe earlier - couldn't wait to have a slice of their cheese and chocolate cakes. Well, forget those cakes that might make us drool like Homer Simpson; to our great disappointment, all the tables in the restaurant were reserved by those who were gonna break fast too, so we finally ended up going to a seafood restaurant, Manhattan Fish Market (MFM).

During Ramadan, many restaurants usually serve Muslim customers with free dates or another sweet meal or drink to break the day's fast. So did MFM that time. But the dates looked so ugly that we complained about them. Perhaps MFM needs to replace them with ones from Tunisia - LOLZ.

Garlic Butter Mussels - just melting over my tounge with explosions of rich, buttery goodness. Can you imagine?

What a perfect starter - Garlic Butter Mussels (one of MFM's delicacies). The kind that makes you want to eat slowly, savour the moment with a bucket of Garlic Bread dipped in the buttery, creamy sauce. Oh, I have a weakness for it.

Hohoho, here it comes - the Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two consisting of deep fried fish fillet, calamari, oysters and prawns coming in flames, served with chips and garlic rice. Don't you just love SEAFOOD? I can't seem to get enough of it that always makes me want to go back to hometown - a haven for seafood lovers.

What's for dessert? Mmm, how about a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream for those who have a sweet tooth? I mean just look at the picture. Can you stand it?

O.O the food vanished into thin air - hehehe I know! There was nothing left on the table since we finished all the food. We were so full that we couldn't even get up off our chairs.

Alright, we'd taken some pictures before we left. Appetite and hunger suppressed, we left the restaurant with full hearts and on full stomachs. Anyway, we really had a great time breaking the day's fast together at MFM - so have my pictures given you a good stomach for breaking fast next time?


Pashmina said...

Omg...they look oh-so-delicous and buttery! I love that buttery combo but i hate mussels...if only it was smthing else for me to savour that delight. Damn next time you and me go for manhattan alright? But wait..ayam penyet is still not done yet...damn it.

GeetaAriani said...

yeah rite...u'll just keep saying but you're always like, "ah gege, im busy la, hw if v go next time, hmm nw we eat kat mamak je la." hahaha u n yer forever mamak, failure!
hey i plan to go to Api Ayam Penyet to carry out interview before writing our feature story, mayb u can come along wit me, ok? we'll discuss bout ths later

Fadil Wimala said...

nyummy :P

GeetaAriani said...

so when wud u fly to KL, Dil? wud bring u to MFM to eat seafood, mmmm...lolz

Ling said...

Gege, *bounce bounce bounce* let's do that again!

You, me, friends, we Manhattan Fish Market chomp together!

GeetaAriani said...

@Li Ling: jom! oh yeah maybe this time we can invite Jo to take over N's place - u knw whom i refer to - as Jo told me the other day tht he wanted to eat at MFM after seeing my pics. Lolz, blame all these pics, making other ppl crave! My bad...